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Here's an update on what's happening in COUNTY LINE CONNECTIONS BNI this week.  

Firstly in advance of our online meeting this week (May 4th)  we are getting ready for our IN-PERSON STAR WARS MEETING.

Come to our meeting as a Visitor/Guest/Past Member, and have some fun with your presentation, and or props on the day, as we present a themed Slide Deck for May 4th on our calendar! 


COMMERCIAL REFERRAL POWER TEAM | For businesses who need B2B referrals we have a dedicated POWER TEAM that meets on a monthly basis to talk only B2B Referrals.  As a BNI Chapter Member, you are entitled to join this meeting.  Sound good?  Then come and visit one of our meetings, see if it works for you, and then put in your application form.  Once you are in as a member you can come along to Power Team meetings.  

FEATURED PRESENTATIONS | Every week two of our members get to present a 7-minute presentation to the rest of our Chapter.  It's a great way to educate Chapter colleagues on the benefits and features of their business and the sort of referrals they are looking for.  

EDUCATIONAL MOMENTS | Don't understand BNI?  Worried it's a whole new way of doing business?  Well, let us put you at ease because the great thing about BNI is that we take our members through regular weekly training of no more than 5 minutes so you always have a fresh perspective on how to be a great BNI Colleague!

WEEKLY PALMS | Our PALMS reporting is carried out by the Chapter Vice-President which keeps us on track with our BNI Membership in a low-key easy format.  

2-MINUTE PRESENTATION WINNER | Every week we get to do a 1-minute commercial on our business - and each week we pick a 2-minute presentation winner!  Of course, you have to be a member to take advantage of this opportunity - but imagine telling 30+ interested businesses what you do and how they can get you more business!  

Warmest Regards

Claire Sandbrook

BNI CLC | President | 2022-2023

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